2 X 6 Subfacia

2 x 4 Subfacia

4 Ply CDX Plywood for Roof & Walls

OSB Aspenite

Top Notch H2O Resistant Sub Floor


30 # Roof Felt

15 # Roof Felt

R-30 Insulation Batts in Ceiling

R-19 Blown Insulation

Interior Walls Insulated for Sound

None not required by Code

30 Year Dimensional Shingles

20 Year 3-Tab Shingle

12 Seer Heat Pump w/Auxiliary Heater

Air Conditioner w/Heat Strip

Knock Down (Spanish Lace) Interior Ceilings painted

Popcorn Texture not painted

Upgraded 3 Colonial base Trim

Standard 2 Clam Shell Trim

Round Corner Bead

Square Corner Bead

Trimline Toggle Light Switches

Standard Light Switch

Plant Shelves where possible

None Extra

Inverted Hip Interior Ceilings

Flat Extra

Concrete Perimeter Lintel

Wood Lintel

V-Zone Perimeter Grade Beam

Individual Spread Footer

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Steel Exterior Doors

System 42 Pre-Engineered Floor Truss

2 x 10 or 2 x 12 Conventional Framed

Carpet 2 Upgrades & Thinker Pad

Builder Grade Carpet & Pad

2 Vinyl Window Casements

1 Vinyl J-Channel

Vinyl Porch Ceilings

Drywall Ceilings

Interior Lever Door Hardware Choices

Round Standard Door Hardware

Fan Outlet Box w/2nd Light Switch

None Extra

2/10 Year Bonded Builders Home Warranty

1 Year from Date of C/O


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